ATA On The Radio

Yes! ATA been lucky enought to appear on the world of Radio a few times in the UK and Africa

BBC World Services Interview

2nd July 2011


Interview about ATA by BBC Sport World Service

presenter Lee James and aired on the website after the 2011 Wimbledon Tennis Championships Ladies Final 



Audio Book Travel Story 

'The Call of Africa' by

PeopleTalk Podcasts


People Talk Podcast Audio Book based on the story behind  

the inspiration behind Africa Tennis Aid and the experience

of Africa

2007 - 2008

Pre and Post trip Interview with Rod Bradbury and Amanda Akass on South West London Station 'Radio Jackie' appealing for donations and offering an insight into what cool things the public's donations of equipment did for the guys in Ghana


Winneba, Ghana 

August 2007


Sporting Opportunities volunteers interviewed live on Windy Bay FM about the National Tournament we were hosting at the National Sports College in Winneba

Windy Bay FM


Radio Peace FM


Winneba, Ghana

October 2007

Radio Peace is the biggest radio station in Winneba so we requested to the studio to Interview us tennis volunteers in a live 30 minute slot about Africa Tennis Aid, the work of Sporting Opportunities and how we were rejuvenating tennis back into Winneba - speaking of the talent spotting clinics and Junior tournament we had organised for the new generation at the Tennis Academy.

One of the Junior National Players, Albert, came to translate our English into the local language Fante for the Winneba population, so we were told to speak very slooooooowwwlllllyyyy.

This ended up being an unforgettable hilarious experience because the DJ got our names wrong and was introducing the male volunteers with female names live on air!!!!