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Africa Tennis Aid [formerly Ghana Tennis Aid] is a UK based charitable non-profit campaign of raising awareness of youth sporting opportunities in Africa.


Founded in 2007, after a volunteer project with Sporting Opportunities, the appeal focuses on the collection and distribution of tennis and sports equipment by clubs, individuals or organisations to aid underprivileged communities in Ghana and other parts of Africa to increase mass participation of tennis in the Third World. Since 2018, ATA has been working with tennis coach and civil war survivor Sam Jalloh Foundation to help spread access to tennis in sports-deprived communities in Africa. 


In Africa, people are faced with setbacks of war, poverty and lack of opportunities due to the lack of resources denying them the chance to participate in sport 


especially tennis 


These children from underprivileged backgrounds rely on donations to provide the resources they couldn’t participate without; shoes, balls and rackets are expensive even by Western standards. Through kind donations of unwanted tennis balls, rackets, shoes, clothing, equipment and educational material from local individuals, clubs, schools, organisations in the UK and global racket brand Wilson - appeals have helped to provide equal opportunities to underprivileged communities in Africa [mainly Ghana] with the equipment to participate in sporting and educational activities - which for young people can improve their self confidence and give inspiration for a brighter future!


Since 2007, the campaign has appealed in the UK for tennis, sports equipment and books which were sent to deprived tennis communities including Ghana, Sierra Leonean orphanage in Uganda and over to deprived youths programs in St. Lucia in the Caribbean, receiving signed memorabilia from professional ATP and WTA Tennis Players.







'This is to thank everyone who has helped to take Winneba and Ghana tennis to another level.

 Since July 2007, tennis volunteer coaches and contributors have brought alot of happiness to the Ghanaian tennis youth, especially to those in Winneba. The National Sports College Academy in Winneba has recieved several donations of rackets, tennis balls, clothes, shoes and some coaching equipment. With these donations, the tennis development project in Ghana was enhanced and new school training programmes were introduced to catch young talent.


Tournaments and competitions have soon become part of the development project. The donated items were used as prizes after every tournament and competition. The basic schools around the University of Education in Winneba also benefited from donations like Mathematics text books, English reading books and pens and pencils. Also, the volunteers were able to raise some funds to sponsor one of our tennis players to go to the ITF training centre in Pretoria, South Africa for one month. This player is now fast establishing himself as one of the best tennis players in Ghana.


These donations of tennis equipment from the UK has helped this academy to be an outstanding tennis training centre in the sub-region. We are forever grateful to you all.'


                                                                       - Noah Bagerbaseh Bukari, Ghanaian National Head Coach 

Founders Sal Bolton of the UK and Noah Bagerbaseh Bukari of Ghana, 2007

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