Winneba School Book Appeal

In 2009, Africa Tennis Aid supported fellow charitable appeal Ghana Learning Project who had collected nearly 6,000 books for schools in Ghana deprived of learning resources and lack of reading materials.  The primary aim of Ghana Learning Project was to help provide and implement learning materials to schools in Ghana based on their educational needs.

In addition, it is evident that we all own plenty of books in the UK that are going to waste, with many libraries, schools and individuals in possession of books that are no longer being used.


Inspired by this idea and in support of Ghana Learning Project, Africa Tennis Aid launched an appeal in Summer 2009 to collect books for the University Practice Secondary Schools new library where the children at the Winneba Tennis Academy attended. The school's library shelves had a some what 'empty' feel about them when we visited it in 2007 whilst talent spotting at the school on the Tennis Project. 



Summer 2009 Book Appeal

The need for books and learning resources for the schools new library was highlighted, so Africa Tennis Aid decided to not only continue collecting Tennis equipment from individuals and South London Tennis Clubs for the Winneba Tennis Academy, but also to appeal for unused books that can be used for school children aged 11 and over.


Throughout Summer 2009, Cheam Library offered to be a depot for unwanted books to aid the Winneba School Book Appeal.  After the appeal appeared in the 'Sutton Guardian' newspaper, 300 books were donated by the local public and special thanks was given to Muschamp Primary School in Carshalton, South London for their amazing donation. 






At the end of the summer, we had a big surprise!


In total 500 school text books, subject books and learning resources were donated by various individuals, schools and establishments in the London Borough of Sutton and surrounding area, including members of Purley Sports Club and Sutton Churches Tennis Club.

The books would aid learning resources and fill the empty library at the University Practice Secondary School, Winneba to increase learning opportunities for African students. 

'I am now sorting the books out for donation, to both the primary, Junior High School and some probably for the Senior High schools especially the advanced geography and art books.


Thanks very much for the help from everyone and the chance you are all providing for Ghanaians most especially children and students in Winneba. It is my hope to help them put them to the best use.


Schools are on vacation and would re-open in the first week of September at which time the Presentations would be made and to give the donated pens out to those who are graduating to the 1st year Junior High.'


Phillip Baah, P.E. Teacher

In December 2009, all unused donated books were shipped to Ghana with the help of Taysec Ltd and presented to teachers and senior students of the University Practice Secondary School, Winneba for graduating their end of year studies. 


Thank You to everybody that donated!

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