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May 2011

Have racket, will travel: Taking tennis to the world

CCN Sport Journalist Chris Murphy features Africa Tennis Aid in an article about tennis in other parts of the world including Africa

"We were able to give the kids who had never had the chance a bit of a stepping stone; [they'd] never picked up a racket, [they were] total raw talent."

So says Sal Bolton, one of an emerging breed of tennis missionaries whose aim is to inspire a love for the game in impoverished communities around the globe.

In remote corners of the world lies an untapped wealth of potential, gradually being explored by those hoping to forge new frontiers for tennis.

Bolton's decision to pack up her racket and head for Ghana embodies a pioneering spirit matched by James Moult's stay in the townships of South Africa and typified by Dan O'Connell's 15-year tennis mission in Fiji.

"It was too good an opportunity to pass up," Sal told CNN of her trip to Ghana. "For one thing, I could get to go to Africa but with a purpose.......

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