Sierra Leone Sports Appeal 2012!

March 2012

Earlier this month, ATA launched Sierra Leone Sports Appeal 2012 to collect unwanted sports donations to be given to underprivaledged communities at Christ The Kings College Secondary School as part of the Sierra Leone School Tennis Appeal and other disadvantaged youths in Sierra Leone.

Over the month £4,000 worth of sports equipment, sports clothing and trainers were donated for ATA's Sierra Leone Sports Appeal and will leave to go to Africa later this month supported by London based freight service Robert Claire & Co. Ltd

Special Thanks to the following donars...

UK bank Barclays PLC donated 1,000 of their pens and special thanks to Will Boone from Racket brand Head UK and Christian Singer from Wilson Germany for their support in donating tennis equipment of rackets, bags and balls!!!!

Special thanks to Niall from Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools for donating footballs, bottles and football strips to support the appeal - Thank You!

Thank you again to Sutton Churches Tennis Club and Cheam Sports store for collecting unwanted equipment

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