Jeff and Fran hit the big stage of Accra!


April 2015

This is great news to ATA's ears! In summer 2007 on the Ghana Volunteer Project with overseas volunteer organisation Sporting Opportunities, tennis volunteers from the UK aided aspiring juniors Jeff Bagerbaseh and Francisca Nyarko who were deprived of tennis opportunities and equipment.

In 2007, 10 year old Francisca was struggling to play with a racquet far too small for her and was more suited to her toddler younger sister. Through giving donated tennis racquets and balls during the project, Francisca was able to develop her tennis with the right equipment and training appropriate for the age.

Jeff Bagerbaseh was at 14, an aspiring junior who had been offered a trial for a scholarship to South Africa. Jeff was unable to afford the plane ticket to get himself to the trial in Johannesburg so volunteers pulled to together to raise the air fare through a 12 Hour Tennis-A-Thon to send Jeff on his way......8 years later, they are now both appearing as the headline players for the McDan Open on the big stage of the Accra Stadium later this month!

We wish Jeff and Francisca the best of luck in the tournament and are really pleased at how well their tennis has come along over the years with our help,


Fran and Jeff in 2007

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