Ghanaian Juniors ace USA Scholarships

Its Spring time and what better time to have some new fresh news!

10 years ago in 2007, on the Sporting Opportunities gap year volunteer program, we met pre-teens Francisca, Marcel and Gabriel in Ghana who with the continuing help of donated tennis equipment coupled with their own determination and hard grafting, developed their tennis and all three are now enrolled in a scholarship at the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, USA.

Francisca Nyarko has come a long way from when she came to participate in daily tennis coaching sessions after school in Ghana as well as a national tournament run by overseas volunteers. Along with coaching aid, Francisca along with her fellow latent tennis hopefuls Marcel and Gabriel received tennis donations and ten years later is now playing as number one position and studying hospitality management on a tennis scholarship at the New Mexico Military Institute in the US.

Hearing from Francisca, she and the boys have team practice for 2.5 hours everyday for the 'NMMI Broncos' after her studies and military training, playing 27 matches in 4 months travelling to compete against all universities in the USA and is even now dabbling in teaching tennis as far a Virginia. For the 2016 - 2017 US college season, Francisca has achieved a national ranking of #18 in US Womens College Tennis and was awarded the NMMI Broncos Women's Tennis 'Most Valuable Player'.

Fantastic to see how far she's come from being a young aspiring girl in Ghana and for her hard work of fulfilling her dreams - good luck Francisca and the rest of the African players!

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