Happy 10th Anniversary to ATA!

July 2007 - July 2017

In July 2007, at the mere age of 24 years old, Sal Bolton of the UK and Noah Bagerbaseh founded charitable non-profit 'Africa Tennis Aid' after seeing the lack of equipment and opportunity on a gap year program to teach tennis to underprivileged youths in Ghana with gap organisation Sporting Opportunities.

July 2017 is a special month as it marks our 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY of campaigning and providing tennis donations to children of the Third World!

Ghana, West Africa 2007

Tennis Donations from the UK arriving for the first time at The National Sports College, Winneba, Ghana, July 2007

Over 10 years, generous individuals and sponsors from the UK and other parts of the world have donated thousands of pounds worth of tennis equipment, rackets, shoes, clothing and even school books which, with the help of shipping freights and willing travellers, were sent to aid deprived youths in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda and St Lucia in the Caribbean. Of course over 10 years, many youths in both Africa and the Caribbean have benefited greatly from these generous donations, enabling them to participate in sport and uproot and hone a natural talent which has taken them as far as the USA for college scholarships or serious competition.

Ghanaian players who benefited from past tennis donations now on Tennis scholarships at New Mexico Military Institute in the USA

St Lucia, Caribbean

Ghana, West Africa

Sierra Leone, West Africa

Now in our '10th Year Anniversary' Noah and I would like to express our gratitude to sponsor 'Wilson' and ALL individuals, tennis players, tennis clubs and organisations for their kind donations over the years of equipment and prizes, press and media coverage, money to help shipping costs, spreading the word or just for their encouragement and positivity with helping tennis to reach the youth of the Third World.

We can not thank you enough for your continuing generous support and assure you that you have all made a real positive difference in the lives of young Africans with your compassion and thoughtfulness over the last 10 years.

May good karma come your way!

Happy 10th Anniversary!

July 2007 - July 2017

Memories of generosity over the years......

Africa Tennis Aid

2007 - 2017

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