Rise Tennis Academy in Shanghai do Xmas donations appeal for ATA

With the Xmas season rolling closer at the end of November - ATA got a nice surprise. Max Ferreira, co- Founder and Director of Rise Tennis Academy in Shanghai, China approached ATA with the desire to get used tennis gear to African children that need it the most.

With ATA's support, Max committed to organising a two-week Xmas campaign appealing to donors of Rise Tennis Academy to hand over unused tennis rackets, balls, bags, shoes, clothing and coaching equipment aswell as fundraising for shipping costs to get the donations to Africa.

The appeal was a great success from the generosity of the academy 33kg of donations were collected!

29 rackets, 14 pairs of shoes, 50 yellow balls, 50 green balls, 1 roll of string + 5 individual strings, 2 ball baskets, 2 jumping ladders, 1 set of hurdles, cones and markers, 1 jumping rope, 5kg of sports clothing, 2 tennis bags, 1 mini net, and 2 overgrips

Donations are on their way to aid the tennis community at the University of Ghana, West Africa. Thank you so much to Max and our friends at Rise Tennis Academy for your kind generosity of sharing the love of tennis to Africa.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!

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