New Tennis Foundation for African Girls launched in the USA!

New Tennis Foundation for Girls launched in the USA! Past Africa Tennis Aid benefactor Francisca Nyarko improved her tennis greatly in her home country of Ghana earning herself a scholarship in the USA. Having now graduated, she has launched her own non-profit organisation FN Foundation in the USA to foster growth and development for less privileged children and women in Ghana.

'I already got some donations from my state of Arkansas for FN Foundation. And my mission is fostering growth and development among less privileged athletes (kids) and women', Francisca says. 'So I will go to schools in Ghana to donate books and pens, tennis to donate tennis equipment, villages to donate clothes, teach a few girls how to make tie dye, and donate sanitary pads to girls'. in the village. That is the aim for this year (hopefully)'.

'If I cannot make it every year, I have a team in Ghana that I can ship the things to and fix a date for it to work'

⭐ FN Foundation is currently looking for sponsorship help to aid shipping costs from the USA to Ghana

Want to help? You can show your support for helping children and women in Africa by following and contacting FN Foundation through its Facebook page and on Instagram @FN_Foundation1

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